Getting Started - Sales

Accounts and Personas are the most important inputs to the ABM process

Target Client Research

In support of ABM and ABS, our clients provide us with a list of selected targets.

We take that list and break it into bite-sized chunks that can ensure the appropriate level of focus to ensure success. We then derive the relevant org chart for each of these clients, using the leverage of referrals and implied referrals, and complete the data base of contact information, such as direct phone, email address, and LinkedIn profile.


Getting started - ABM

The most important thing is to define your Ideal CLIENT

Perform Marketing Audit/ Assessment•Review marketing and sales strategies currently in place with the organization

•Assess key messaging the sales and marketing teams leverage for communication, which includes website, marketing assets, social and sales enablement content
•Perform website audit for design, content, functionality and analytics
•Review and assess digital media: SEO, SEM, email, online paid search
•Technology stack: CMS, Email Platforms, Marketing Automation, CRM, Salesforce, Social Media and Editorial Calendars
•Review current metrics and key performance indicators


Conduct interviews with sales, marketing and executive leadership
•Access to CRM platform, website, email, content, social media and dashboards
•Deliver results and Account Based Marketing recommendation

Account Based Marketing Strategy

Work with companies’ key stakeholders and align marketing and sales tools with ABM strategy
•Define objectives and metrics for ABM pilot 
•Build  personas and one to one sales and marketing content
•Collaborate with sales and marketing teams to map out  the  framework for ABM and define team’s responsibilities
•Launch pilot program and analyze results

Lead Follow Up-Qualification

In addition to proactive outbound efforts to obtain meetings for our clients, we also act as the first line of connection for our clients' follow up activities from inbound leads generated from their events and conferences, and any other inbound activities they invest in. We will work to qualify the leads for prioritization purposes to pass along to our client outside teams, and where possible, even engage with the lead to close smaller transactional deals.


Client Meetings and Follow up

As part of the research effort, we work to arrange a meeting with these relevant end customer executives for our client solution provider teams around their unique value proposition.

Our continuing work to obtain a meeting for our clients, includes executing additional email and social engagement processes added to the focused telephone calling our team performs.